Introduction to TDD Programming (Objective-C)


Jonathan Rasmusson



October 19 (Wed), 2016



Introduction to TDD programming

In this introductory course students will learn what TDD is, how it works,
and how it can help them improve the design and testability of their

Through a series of games, exercises, and coding dojos, students will
practice TDD are real problems, and experience first hand what it is like to
design programs by writing tests first.

We will touch on various styles of TDD, discuss the pros and cons of where
and when to use each. But the bulk of the class will involve programming
with lots of practice. So students are encouraged to try things out, make
mistakes, and ask questions about how it works by trying it themselves in a
safe environment.

Jonathan Rasmusson

Jonathan Rasmusson is the author of The Agile Samurai. An experienced
programmer, with an aversion for titles, Jonathan has helped some of the
world’s leading software companies find better ways of working and playing
together. When not cycling to work in the throes of winter you can find him
developing software and coaching teams at Spotify.


This course is kept in English only.


Practical details:



Introduction to TDD Programming (Objective-C)

- 1day course


Trainer  Jonathan Rasmusson


Day       October 19 (Wed), 2016 

Location   Tokyo Koenji

Price         100.000 JPY + VAT 

       incl. Lunch


Organzer  agilergo consulting KK